(Last update: 30 May 2016)

ID No Pres. Type Author(s) Title
6 Oral L. Jordá-Bordehore, P.L. Romero-Crespo , R. Jordá-Bordehore Stability assessment of the stopes and crown pillar of the S’Argentera abandoned mines using empirical approach, focused on a possible tourist exploitation, Ibiza, Spain
8 Oral T.H. Ma, F.T. Suorineni, C.A. Tang, L. Wang Numerical simulation on pillar failure patterns
10 Oral Ö. Aydan, R. Ulusay Rock engineering evaluation of antique rock structures in Cappadocia Region of Turkey
11 Oral K. Thermann, B. Stabel, R. Ferrari Investigations, in-situ tests and stress measurements for the powerhouse complex of the Lagobianco pumped storage project
16 Oral S. Kahraman, O.Y. Toraman Estimating the rock strength from a crushability index
17 Oral C.M. Nieble, J.A. Penteado Risk management: blasting rock near concrete inside a subway station in a densely populated urban environment
19 Oral M. Geniş, Ö. Aydan, Z. Derin A field study on monitoring of blasting-induced vibrations of tunnels and
its possible use for in-situ stress interferences
20 Oral H. Meena, S. Mishra, T. Chakraborty, V. Matsagar, P. Chandel, V. Mangla, M. Singh Dynamic characterization of Himalayan quartzite subjected to intermediate and high strain rates
22 Poster J. Rostami,  S. Kahraman, X. Yu, H. Copur , C. Balci, W. Bamford, B. Asbury The relation between uniaxial compressive and Brazilian tensile strength
25 Oral M. Al Heib Feedback of the empirical approach to design the room and pillar mines – Application on chalk mines (France)
26 Oral C. Auvray, N. Lafrance, M. Souley, V. Labiouse Impact of weathering on macro-mechanical properties of chalks
28 Oral C.C. Li Analytical study on the performance of inflatable rock bolts
29 Oral L. Jordá-Bordehore, T. Toulkeridis Stability assessment of volcanic natural caves – lava tunnels – using both empirical and numerical approach, case studies of Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) and Lanzarote Island (Canary- Spain)
33 Oral D.S. Cheon, E.S. Park, M. Takahashi The relationship between pore structure and permeability under confining pressure
37 Oral İ. Özkan An approach for determining vertical displacements using inclinometer on unstable slopes
38 Oral A.K. Alzo’ubi Modeling yield propagation of jointed synthetic rock
40 Oral N. Koittola, J. Suikkanen, P. Kantia Geological and rock mechanical modelling of stress induced excavation zone, EDZSI, in ONKALO western Finland
41 Poster K. Demir, T. Özbayır Design and back analysis of NATM tunnels in fractured rock
42 Oral H. Copur, N. Bilgin, C. Balci, D. Tumac, E. Avunduk, A.S. Mamaghani Full-scale linear cutting experiments with a conical cutter for simulating different cutting patterns
43 Oral Y. Wang, Y. Fujii, D. Fukuda, J. Kodama Kimachi sandstone does not have to fail under larger stress
45 Oral M. Coli, E. Livi, N. Coli Geomechanics characterization and stability of a large open pit slope in complex rock-mass (Italy)
46 Oral M. Coli, F. Sani, E. Livi, N. Coli, G. Moratti Geological-geomechanical setting for the stability analysis of the rock hewn churches of Lalibela (Ethiopia)
47 Oral A. Shaterpour-Mamaghani, T. Erdogan Stability analysis of raise bored shaft in Balya Mine, Turkey
48 Oral N. Bar, R. Parker, S.J. Thomas Managing landslide risks associated with erosion-driven slope instabilities using near real-time deformation monitoring systems
49 Oral T. Mori, T. Maejima, H. Kurose Airtightness technologies for the Kurashiki LPG storage cavern
50 Oral S. Wu, P. Craig, S. Saydam, P. C. Hagan, A. Crosky Evaluation of stress corrosion cracking failure for steel anchoring elements
53 Oral A.Turanboy, E. Ülker, C. B. Küçüksütcü A modeling study of intersection lines and points as an assessing instability of rock mass
54 Oral R.Osgoui, A.Poli,  M.Pescara Critical comparison between the double-convex and flat radial joints features in segmental tunnel lining
55 Oral C. Vibert, P. Vaskou Lessons from compared design of underground power houses and storage rock caverns
56 Oral K.G. Schmid, P.L. Roux, C.J.S. Fourie Novel investigation – Ermelo ring road to demarcate risk due to histori-cal coal mining
58 Oral H. Munoz, A. Taheri , E. Chanda Strain localisation characteristics in sandstone during uniaxial compression by 3D digital image correlation
59 Oral P. Horyl, P. Maršálek, R. Šňupárek, K. Pacześniowski Total load-bearing capacity of yielding steel arch supports
60 Oral N. Hedtmann , M. Alber Fluid experiments on fractures subjected to normal and shear displacement
61 Oral O.F. Ugurlu, M. Kumral Analyzing drilling machine in aid to improve open pit mining operations
64 Oral K. Bartmann, M. Alber Experimental determination of crack initiation and crack damage in sedimentary rocks under low confinement
65 Oral P.M. Couto, J. Maritz Understanding the influence of pre-tensioned tendons on the hanging wall stability of a shallow bord and pillar mines in South Africa
66 Oral S. Mononen, M. Suikkanen, N. Coli, G. Funaioli , F. Meloni Critical real time radar monitoring of sub-bench failures at Yara Suomi Oy Siilinjärvi open pit mine (Finland)
68 Oral N. Bar, N.R. Barton, C.A. Ryan Application of the Q-slope method to highly weathered and saprolitic rocks in Far North Queensland
69 Poster T. Tokiwa, K. Aoyagi, T. Fujita Excavation damaged zone inferred by geophysical surveys on drift floor of Horonobe URL
71 Oral D. Deb, Y. K. Gujjala, A.Khan Enriched finite element procedures for analysis of bolt crossing multiple rock joints
73 Oral Ö. Ündül, N. Aysal, B.C. Çobanoğlu, F. Amann, M. Perras Strength, deformation and cracking characteristics of limestones
76 Oral W. K. Song Pilot test of compressed air storage in underground rock cavern
77 Oral L.N.Y. Wong, V. Maruvanchery Water effects on rocks
78 Oral H. Gercek The past revisited: the giants behind the elastic solutions for stresses around underground openings
82 Poster E. Komurlu, A. Kesimal, A.O. Çakır Spraying membrane layer effect on load bearing performance of concrete linings
83 Oral Ö. Dinç, Z. Karaca, N. Işık The effects of strength parameters on slope failure mechanisms in weak rocks
86 Oral B. Vásárhelyi, G. Somodi, Á. Krupa, L. Kovács Determining the Geological Strength Index (GSI) using different methods
87 Poster S. Yasar, A.O. Yilmaz Effect of drilling strength on laboratory scale rock cuttability
91 Oral Yu. Popov, E. Popov, E. Chekhonin New facilities in rock thermal property measurements in application to geomechanics
97 Oral Y.J. Li , Y.D. Xue, J.Q. Jiao Indexes sifting of rockburst prediction using soft science technology
101 Oral K. Aoyagi, T. Tokiwa, T. Fujita A study of efficient excavation limiting the extent of an excavation damaged zone in Horonobe URL
102 Oral A. Sato, K. Ikeda, T. Yatsunami, K. Tsuda, T. Fukumitsu, K. Habu Prevention effect of material flow in the porous rocks by
aquo-siloxane method
104 Oral M. Serati, D. J. Williams, N. Erarslan Hertzian contact damage in a hollow circular cylinder
106 Poster N. Bar, T.M. Johnson, G. Weekes Using directional shear stress models to predict slope stability in highly anisotropic rock masses
107 Oral S.S. Jeong, Y. Obara, M. Kataoka Evaluation of microscopic fracture toughness of grains within granite using a new mechanical testing machine for micro-sized specimen
111 Poster D. Tumac, E. Avunduk, H. Copur, C. Balci, S. Er Investigation of the effect of textural properties towards predicting sawing performance of diamond wire machines
112 Oral O. Su, U. Sakız, N.A. Akçın Effect of elastic and strength properties of rocks during blasthole drilling
113 Oral M. Yamagami, T. Ichiki, T. Aoki,Y. Yamanaka, T. Takahashi, K. Nanba Further verification of seismic survey results ahead of the tunnel face using drilling vibration data of ultra-long controlled boring
116 Oral M. Ghamgosar, N. Erarslan, K. Tehrani Laboratory investigations of fracture toughness and tensile strength for various rock types
119 Oral Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki The evaluation of stability of overhanging Ryukyu limestone cliffs utilizing rock mass characteristics inferred from RMQR and intact rock
121 Oral Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki , J. Tomiyama, N. Iwata, K. Adachi, Y. Takahashi The development of a servo-control testing machine for dynamic shear testing of rock discontinuities and soft rocks
122 Oral Ö. Aydan, H. Kumsar A geoengineering evaluation of antique underground rock settlements in Frig (Phrygian) Valley in the Afyon-Kütahya region of Turkey
123 Oral T. Ito, T. Akagi, Ö. Aydan, R. Ulusay, T. Seiki Time-dependent properties of tuffs of Cappadocia, Turkey
124 Oral J. Tomiyama, Ö. Aydan, H. Kumsar, E. Özer The numerical analysis of response and stability of stone masonry bridges in Azan (Aizanoi) antique city in Kütahya province of Turkey
125 Oral H. Tano, Ö. Aydan, R. Ulusay, T. Tanaka Geomechanical investigations and pioneering monitoring attempts in Cappadocia, Turkey
126 Oral U. Castro-Filgueira, L.R. Alejano, J. Arzúa, D. Mas Ivars Numerical simulation of the stress-strain behavior of intact granite specimens with Particle Flow Code
127 Oral I. Pérez–Rey, L.R. Alejano , J. Arzúa, J. Muralha The role of tilting rate and wear of surfaces on basic friction angle testing
128 Poster S. Hojjati, D. Tumac Determining the dominant rock properties affecting the impact hammer performance
129 Oral N. Erarslan, M. Ghamgosar An innovative and effective approach to hard rock cutting
131 Oral L. Li, P.C. Hagan, S. Saydam, B. Hebblewhite An experimental study of shear deformation behavior of rockbolt under dynamic loading
138 Oral S. Yıldırım, D. Zapf, K. Staudtmeister Rock mechanical design of gas storage caverns
141 Poster D.J. Avutia, T. Dlokweni Mine closure rock fall hazard and risk analysis study
143 Oral N. Dadashzadeh, N. Yesiloglu-Gultekin, H.S.B. Duzgun Analysis of potential rockfalls for Sumela Monastery, Turkey
146 Oral E. Raso, P. Brandolini, F. Faccini , M. Firpo The Guvano complex landslide in the Cinque Terre National Park, Italy: geomorphological characterization, GNSS monitoring and risk management
147 Poster H. Arbi, S. .Andriany, H.Cahyadi,  D. Muslim Landslide risks analysis on Cisumdawu highway construction, West Java, Indonesia
148 Oral E. Raso, F. Faccini, P. Brandolini, M. Firpo The Lovers’ Lane (“Via dell’Amore”) rockfall events: a history of dangerous collapse
155 Oral A. Azami , T. Yacoub, J. Curran Bearing capacity of shallow foundations in anisotropic geomaterials
156 Oral M. Avlonitis, G. Efremidis, A. Konstantinidis, E. C. Aifantis The sliding surface roughness effect on landslides: A statistical study
158 Oral Meng-Chia Weng, Chia-Ming, Lo Gravity-driven deformation characteristics of consequent slate slopes
161 Oral H. Kurose, T. Maejima, K. Aoki, C.S. Chang Design, construction and operation experience of water curtain system for the hydraulic containment type LPG storage cavern
162 Oral Y. Hachino, H.Yasutomi, K. Tajima, Y. Ootsuka, T. Wada, Ö . Aydan Physical property evaluation of ground improvement piles utilizing borehole wall images taken by borehole televiewers
165 Oral T. Kaneko, T. Ichida, N. Ohara Study on ground behavior considering temporary plastic zone around tunnel face
166 Poster A.S. Ranathunga, M.S.A. Perera, R.T. Haque , P.G. Ranjith An experimental study on behavior of reconstituted low-rank coal under different fluid saturations
167 Poster W.G.P. Kumari, P.G. Ranjith, M.S.A. Perera, B.K. Chen Investigation on temperature dependent mechanical behaviour of Australian granite
168 Oral I. García Mendive, G. Rellán, U. Sterin , A. O. Sfriso, G. Erz Cerro Vanguardia open pit mining: Database management for stability analyses
169 Oral I. García Mendive, U. Sterin, G. Rellán, A.O. Sfriso, M. Fuentealba Arenal Deeps: application of numerical methods to 2D and 3D stability analyses of underground excavations
170 Oral M. Osada, S. Ohtake Drying- and wetting- induced behavior of Shirahama sandstone under the evaporative condition of tunnel surface
171 Oral H. Matsubara, Ö. Aydan The effect of biological degradation of tuffs of Cappadocia, Turkey
172 Oral M. Kato, Y. Nara, M. Kohno, T. Sato, D. Fukuda, T. Sato, M. Takahashi Importance of temperature control during permeability test for measuring hydraulic constants of rock
177 Oral A. Kamali , K. Shahriar, M. Sharifzadeh, A. Aalianvari,A. Esmaeilzadeh Effect of shape and size of sampling window on the determination of average length, intensity and density of trace discontinuity
178 Poster W.A.M. Wanniarachchi, P.G. Ranjith, M.S.A. Perera, J. Zhao , M.H.N.D.P. Wickramarathne An experimental study on mechanical behaviour of siltstone under brine saturation
179 Oral A. Kamali, K. Shahriar, M. Sharifzadeh, M.A. Gholami, N. Mossaei Statistical investigation of geometrical properties of discontinuities Case study: cavern of Rodbar Lorestan Pumped storage power plant
181 Oral P. Kantia, S. Mustonen, T. Kouvonen, T. Lehtimäki, M. Olsson Excavation damaged zone research in Tampere test mine Finland
182 Oral M. du Plessis, D.F. Malan The behaviour of Merensky crush pillars as measured at a trial mining site
185 Poster Y. Jung, E. Park, H. Kim Determination of mode II toughness of granite by using SCC test
189 Poster X. Ding, Z.Y. Wang , G.Q. Zhang Method of Poisson’s ratio determination based on plastic volumetric
strain in triaxial experiment of rock
190 Oral C. Zhang, I. Canbulat , F. Tahmasebinia Analysis of coal burst phenomenon in underground coal mines
191 Oral S. Choi, S. Lee , S. Jeon Experimental study on cracking behavior of a transversely isotropic material
193 Oral D. Asahina, M. Takahashi, M. Takeda , H. Tsukamoto Modeling permeability evolution under triaxial compression deformation of Shirahama sandstone
200 Oral N. Iwata, K. Adachi , Y. Takahashi, Ö. Aydan, N. Tokashiki, F. Miura Fault rupture simulation of the 2014 Kamishiro Fault Nagano prefecture earthquake using 2D and 3D-FEM
206 Oral S. Ergun, E. Gungor, B. Ozdemir, S. Esen Improving slope stability at Kışladağ Gold Mine
207 Oral K. Adachi , N. Iwata, R. Kiyota, O. Aydan, N. Tokashiki Model experiment on seismic stability of discontinuous rock slope and numerical simulation
213 Poster C. Atalar, H. Kumsar, Ö. Aydan, R. Ulusay, R. Kılıç Investigation of the mechanism and causes of Serdarlı District landslide
(Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – TRNC)
214 Oral Y. Li, J. Oh, R. Mitra, B. Hebblewhite Modelling of the mechanical behaviour of an opened rock joint
218 Oral J. Jung, S. Jeon Study on hydraulic fracturing in transversely isotropic media
219 Oral D. Deb, S. Mohanto, Y.K. Patanwar,R. Shrimali Stability analysis of LDBH stopes below an open pit mine due to blast load
220 Oral C. Zoccarato, M. Ferronato, G. Gambolati, P. Teatini, D. Baù Ensemble smoothing of land displacements and deep compaction for the geomechanical characterization of hydrocarbon reservoirs
221 Oral K. Tufekci, S. Demirdag, N. Sengun, R. Altindag ,D. Akbay A new design test apparatus for determining direct tensile strength of rocks
223 Oral Z. Zhou, G.Q. Zhang, B. Zhao, Z. Zhang, Y. Wang Analysis of self-propped fractures during SRV fracturing
224 Oral B. Bock, M. Alber,M. Rogall , A. Wehinger, J. Scherschel , V. Sachtleben Stability assessment of a pillar-supported basalt mine in Mendig (Germany)
226 Poster Z. Zhou, G.Q. Zhang, D. Zhou, Y. Wang , H. Dong Analysis of shale gas hydraulic fracture induced stress and optimization of perforation cluster spacing
231 Oral A. Hastikova, A. Kolcun, L. Stas, P. Konicek In situ stress determination from excavation-induced stress by the
compact conical-ended borehole overcoring method
233 Oral T. Seiki, T. Ishii , K. Takahashi, S. Noguchi , T.Ohmura Seismic response of numerical analysis and field measurement in Oya tuff underground quarry
235 Oral B. Bohloli, J.C. Choi, E. Skurtveit, A. Pluymakers Geomechanical interpretation for micro-seismic potential at CO2 storage pilot on Svalbard, Norway
237 Oral T.D. Georgieva, D. Anastasov, I. Gyrkov Crown pillar behavior study using numerical modeling in Chelopech mine
238 Oral C. S. Choi, J. J. Song Pore-confining pressure cycling test for supercritical CO2 permeability of sandstone: Implication for the nonlinear effective pressure law
239 Oral H. Ozer Toklu, I. Ugur, M. Karaabat Varol Investigation of thermal parameters changes of filled and unfilled travertine exposed to physical weathering conditions
241 Oral S. Panchal, S. Jain , D. Deb,T. Sreenivas Development of 3D analytical solution of earth pressures using cemented paste backfill for supporting underground stope
248 Oral S. Muhamad, R. I. Sophian, D. Muslim, N. Hamid , T.K. Saad Determining distribution function of geotechnical data for single slope stability analyses at Kungkilang Block, South Sumatera
249 Oral L.M. Guayacán-Carrillo, D. Seyedi,L.M. Guayacán-Carrillo, D. Seyedi,A. Noiret, G. Armand The effect of over excavation on the time-dependent convergence of a drift in Callovo-Oxfordian claystone
250 Oral L.M. Guayacán-Carrillo, D. Seyedi, J. Sulem , S. Ghabezloo, A. Noiret, G. Armand Tunnel excavation in low permeability ground: effect of anisotropy on excess pore pressure
251 Oral T. Zvarivadza Evaluation of underground coal mining induced surface subsidence using pre and post mining field observations
259 Poster V. Kajzar, R. Kukutsch, P. Waclawik, P. Konicek Coal pillar deformation monitoring using terrestrial laser scanner technology in room and pillar panel – A case study from the Ostrava-Karvina Coal Field
261 Oral L. Sekhokoane , T. Zvarivadza Investigation into the viability of mining Merensky stopes using tensioned cable bolt support system: South African platinum mine case study
263 Oral K. S. Rao, A. Kumar Engineering behavior of Indian oil shales
265 Oral N. Bozorgzadeh, J.P. Harrison Observational method in the context of rock engineering limit state design
267 Oral E. C. Mejia, D. Roehl An equivalent continuum approach for the assessment of geological fault reactivation in hydrocarbon reservoirs
268 Oral K. S. Rao, S. Mishra , N. K. Gupta Effect of different loading conditions on tunnel lining in soft rocks
271 Oral Ke Gao , John P. Harrison Tensor variate normal distribution for stress variability analysis
272 Oral A. Riquelme, R. Tom´as , M.Cano, A. Abell´an Using open-source software for extracting geomechanical parameters of a
rock mass from 3D point clouds: Discontinuity set extractor and
274 Oral A.A. Ostapchuk, D.V. Pavlov , I.A. Batuhtin On a possible mechanism of transforming discontinuity deformation regime
275 Poster M. Cano, R. Tomás, A. Riquelme Preliminary relationship between weathering behavior profiles and laboratory slake behavior of carbonatic flysch rocks
276 Poster M. J. A. Moein, B. Valley, M. Ziegler Preliminary fractal analysis of fracture spacing inferred from an acoustic televiewer log run in the Basel-1 geothermal well (Switzerland)
278 Oral B. Yilmaz, H.K. Citiroglu An overview of the stability problems of the tunnels which are parallel to the valley and close to the slope surface – A case study: Cetin HEPP
280 Oral M. Garc´ıa, S. Sep´ulveda, S. Moya, C. Past´en, G. Montalva Dynamic numerical analysis of a stepped-planar rock slide in central
Chile – Preliminary results
283 Oral L. A. Ayres da Silva, A. L. M. Ayres da Silva The design of rock pillars in underground mines by considering discontinuities
284 Oral N. Moussaei, M. Sharifzadeh, K. Shahriar, M.H. Khosravi Evaluation of discontinuity and opening geometry effects on roof beam deflection
286 Oral M. Sari Estimating strength of rock masses using fuzzy inference system
288 Oral A. Rispoli, A.M. Ferrero, M. Cardu, L. Brino , A. Farinetti Hard rock TBM performance: preliminary study based on an exploratory tunnel in the Alps
290 Oral A. Naeimipour, J. Rostami , E.E. Keller, I.S. Buyuksagis Applications of rock strength borehole probe (RSBP) in underground openings
292 Poster F. Stoeckhert, S. Brenne, M. Molenda, M. Alber Mode I fracture toughness of rock under confining pressure
294 Oral T. D. Le, R. Mitra, J. Oh, B. Hebblewhite Study on caving mechanism in longwall top coal mining using discontinuous modelling
296 Oral M. Souley, N. Lafrance, C. Auvray, V. Labiouse, T. Belem An elastoplastic and viscoplastic model for porous geomaterials
298 Oral W. Nie, Z.Y. Zhao , S.Q. Ma Numerical evaluation of rockbolt reinforcement unit in jointed rock mass by DDA method
299 Oral A. Salimi, J. Rostami, C. Moormann TBM performance prediction in basalt and pyroclastic rocks of Deccan traps, a case study of Maroshi-Ruparel water supply tunnel
301 Oral W. Schubert, M. Brandtner, H. F. Schweiger, T. Marcher, N. Radončić Design methodology for tunnels
302 Oral P. E. Yastika, N. Shimizu Monitoring deformation of ground surface over extensive area by Multi-Temporal DInSAR
303 Oral Y.C. Chiu, T.T. Wang, C.H. Lee, T.H. Huang Relationships between degradation quantities revealed by in-situ monitored displacements and cracks of a highway tunnel
305 Oral H. Tunçdemir, E. Güçlü , M. Başyiğit An assessment on energy absorption capacity of fiber reinforced shotcrete slabs
306 Oral X. Song, M. Tijani , H. Sellami Modeling of dynamic behavior of drillstring taking rock-bit interaction into consideration
315 Oral S.A. Coetsee A conceptual geotechnical model for Kao Kimberlite Mine, Lesotho, Southern Africa
321 Oral C. Colombero, C. Comina, S. Vinciguerra, D. Jongmans, L. Baillet, A. Helmstetter, E. Larose , J. Valentin Passive seismic monitoring of potentially unstable rock masses
322 Oral V. Kongubangaram, C.P. Chakravarthy , R. Nair, A. Usmani Tunneling to safety – case study based risk management of underground facilities
324 Oral S. Nakashima, T. Sakamoto , N. Shimizu Effect of element surface roughness on brittle failure in hard rocks by DEM simulation
325 Oral A.M. Ferrero, G. Umili , F. Vagnon Analysis of discontinuity data obtained with remote sensing tools to generate input for EC7 design
326 Oral F. Vagnon,  A.M. Ferrero, A. Segalini EC7 design approach for debris flow flexible barriers: applicability and limitations
327 Oral E.C. Poeck, Z. Khademian, R. Garvey , U. Ozbay Modeling unstable rock failures in underground excavations
329 Oral Á. Török, G. Bögöly, B. Czinder, P. Görög, B. Kleb, B.Vásárhelyi, T. Lovas, Á. Barsi, B. Molnár, Z. Koppányi , J. Á. Somogyi Terrestrial laser scanner aided survey and stability analyses of rhyolite tuff cliff faces with potential rock-fall hazards, an example from Hungary
331 Oral E. Komurlu , A. Kesimal, A.D. Demir A numerical modelling study for determining ideal size and geometry of dog bone shaped direct tensile strength test rock specimens
332 Oral E. Jones, D. Beck, F. Reusch The use of underground laser mapping for numerical model calibration
333 Oral S.B. Chai, J.C. Li, H.B. Li, N.N. Li , L.F. Rong Blast wave propagation across jointed rock masses and its influence on the ground motion
334 Oral M.B. Diaz , S.G. Jung, L. Zhuang, K.Y. Kim, J.H. Jung , H.S. Shin Tensile strength anisotropy of Pocheon granite and roughness evaluation of its failure planes
335 Poster T. Okada, T. Naya, H. Nakamura Development of in-situ cyclic triaxial test method to evaluate dynamic deformation characteristics
337 Oral E. Köken, A. Özarslan, G. Bacak Weathering effects on physical properties and material behaviour of granodiorite rocks
338 Oral N. Hasancebi Effect of porosity on uniaxial compressive strength of basaltic rock from Diyarbakır, Turkey
339 Poster S.K. Zhao, Z.G. Deng, Q.X. Qi , H.Y. Li Theory and application of deep hole floor-break blasting in floor rock burst coal mine
342 Oral S. Sakurai Can we predict the collapse of tunnels and shafts by elasto-plastic numerical analyses?
344 Oral H. Basarir, S. Akdag, A. Karrech, M. Ozyurt The estimation of rock mass strength properties using probabilistic approaches and quantified GSI chart
345 Poster S. Perez, M. Karakus, F. Pellet A study on the wear process of impregnated diamond bits via acoustic emission
347 Poster N. Sciarra, M. Calista, A. Pasculli, G. Mataloni Numerical modeling and hazard of a cliff in anthropic and historical contexts
348 Poster Á. Török, B. Vásárhelyi Rigidity of sandstone at elevated temperatures
350 Oral M. Başyiğit , H. Tunçdemir A geostatistical mapping of schmidt hammer rebound values of carbonate rocks
356 Oral W. Wittke, B. Wittke-Schmitt Rehabilitation of a sliding slope and supporting measures for rock slopes in the abutments of the 130 m high Zapotillo dam in Mexico
357 Oral W. Wittke, D. Schmitt, P. Wittke-Gattermann Exploration structure at access adit Umpfental of Boßlertunnel, evaluation and interpretation
358 Oral H. Yilmaz, C.K.A. Khumalo Investigation of coal mine roof guttering at Magdalena Colliery-South Africa
361 Poster N. Malistani, Ö. Aydan , J. Tomiyama Preliminary rock engineering assessment of Salang tunnel (Afghanistan)
362 Oral C. Wendeler, Y. Bühler, P. Bartelt, J. Glover,R. Luis Application of three-dimensional rockfall modeling to rock-face engineering
365 Oral M. Lagger, M.R. Henzinger , W. Schubert Numerical investigations on pea gravel using a nonlinear constitutive model
366 Oral Y. Yokota, T. Mori , Y. Koizumi, K. Date Estimation of bond quality around rock bolts using ultrasonic wave
368 Oral P. Y. Shu, S. W. Kao, T. T. Wang, F.Y. Hsiao Influences of angles between loading direction and foliation on mechanical characteristics for Takkiri gneiss, Taiwan
369 Oral A. Buyer, W. Schubert Extraction of discontinuity orientations in point clouds
370 Oral N. Houshmand, K. Shahriar , S.E. Khezri Empirical and numerical approach to stability analysis of pumped storage cavern in Rudbar, Loresan, Iran
372 Oral D.A. Jiménez, S.A.B. da Fontoura Characterization and mechanical properties of a conglomeratic rock from Costa Rica, Central America
378 Poster G. Matas, N. Lantada, J. Gili , J. Corominas Simulation of rockfall fragmentation mechanism in a GIS-based tool
379 Oral
M. Amjadi, K. Shahriar, S.E. Khezri , M.Y. Razavi
An estimation of subsidence slope created by mining – A case study of Chahargonbad copper mine
380 Oral H. Mohammadi, H. Jalalifar,  M.A. Ebrahimi, A.R. Ahmadi The effect of intermediate principal stress on the ground reaction curve at the tunnel crown
397 Oral M.R. Henzinger, W. Schubert Numerical Investigation on the implementation of a reinforced segmental lining considering an inhomogeneous loading and bedding situation
398 Oral S. Namdari, A. Baghbanan, M. J. Habibi Effects of matrix permeability and fracture density on flow pattern in dual porous rock masses
401 Oral J.A. López-Molina , H.N. Caballero-Ramos, S. García Harmonizing rock mass properties through experimental, empirical and intelligent tools
403 Oral A.G. Hartzenberg, M. du Plessis, A.E.W. Friese Structurally-related hangingwall alterations contributing to UG2 stope instabilities at Lonmin
404 Oral C. Dich, F. Tschuchnigg , H.F. Schweiger Hydro power plant Obervermuntwerk II – shotcrete phenomena in the power house cavern – decisions and remediation
409 Oral M. Zaré, F. Deák The examination of a recently proposed model solution for shear behaviour of infilled natural rock joints based on multi-scale laboratory investigations
410 Oral F. Deák, I. Szűcs Examination of a granitic host rock behaviour around underground radwaste repository chambers based on acoustic emission datasets
412 Oral G. Pittino, N. Gegenhuber, F. Reiter , R. Fröhlich Ultrasonic wave measurements during uniaxial compression tests
413 Oral T. Rotonda, A. Di Giulio, P. Tommasi, A. Graziani Characterization of a faulted rock mass for a dam foundation
414 Oral G. Vlastelica, P. Miščević, H. Fukuoka Monitoring of vertical cuts in soft rock mass, defining erosion rates and modelling time-dependent geometrical development of the slope
426 Oral N. Barton, N. Bilgin Fast or slow progress with TBM in ideal or faulted conditions
427 Oral A. Poisel, T. Schachinger, O.K. Wagner, R. Wahlen, A. Steindorfer Deep shaft excavation – geotechnical monitoring and back analysis
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