The organizers will provide a laptop with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 and a high resolution projector in every conference room (you will not be allowed to use your own laptop for your presentation).

At the Conference
Bring your presentation on a CD or memory stick. On the day of your presentation, please arrive at the meeting room at least 30 minutes before your session starts to upload your presentation into the computer in that room. The time allotted per presentation for the EUROCK2016 is 12 minutes, plus 3 minutes reserved for questions and answers (total only 15 minutes). We have no any official PowerPoint Presentation Template.

Suggestions for preparing and delivering the presentation

  • Concentrate on the important issues in your paper and leave the details for discussion during coffee breaks, lunch/dinner or over a friendly drink.
  • Use no more than 10-12 slides for your talk.
  • Use a simple background in your slides. Complex background patterns can make the slides hard to read and can distract viewers.
  • Use color and contrast for emphasis but use them in moderation. Avoid using red.
  • Use heavy lines in graphs and charts for easier viewing.
  • Do not use a font size smaller than 24 pt.
  • Organize and practice the pace of your speech so that you can adhere strictly to your time limit.
  • At the end of your presentation, summarize your main points and give a strong concluding remark that reinforces why your information is of value.
  • Avoid reading your final remarks