All full papers should be delivered in *.pdf format that was compiled from *.doc (Word) files or from another software program, using the option ’embedded fonts’ in pdf-file preparation. Be sure that all letterfonts are included when you create the PDF file. (see guidelines_to_create_PDF_files.pdf)

You can use one of the Microsoft Word Templates (B2procA4.doc / or LaTeX stylefiles (2 to prepare your paper.

Please pay attention at the followings in writing and submission of your paper

  • Pdf-files prepared from scanned documents will not be accepted.
  • all papers should be delivered in electronic form Acrobat PDF file
    as well as identical – MsWord or LaTeX
  • the deadline for submission of full paper is 15 January 2016
  • the maximum number of pages per is 6 pages.
  • The attached job-options (CPI_AR_PDF1.7.joboptions) should be used to create the pdf file.


After preparing your paper according to the given guidelines, upload your PDF paper to EUROCK 2016 Submission System at EasyChair with the same submission number of your abstract. If you already upload a file to your abstract submission, please UPDATE the file only. Please do not make a new submission.

When your paper is finally accepted for publishing by the Organizing Committee; you will be asked to upload the original source file (*.doc) and Consent to Publish Form.

Please find below several files that can be used to prepare your paper:

MS Word users

LaTeX Users

Before starting, make sure that you have a PostScript printer installed. Microsoft Word users should select the correct files for their printer: A4 paper size (21 x 29.7 cm, European size). Copy the files which you will be using to a new directory and keep the original file as a backup.

The publisher will reduce your paper to 75% and print it in black. For this reason, please check if your figures will be legible after reduction.


Start MS Word. Close the empty file which appears on your screen (Close in File Menu). Now open the file B2ProcA4.doc (if you have a printer printing on A4 size paper – European standard) or B2ProcLe.doc (if you have a printer printing on Letter size paper – American standard) (Open in File Menu). Print this document. It gives detailed instructions on how to proceed when you still have to type your paper and also when you want to use the text from an old file. After you have read the first two pages of these instructions you are ready to start.

Note that you should always use the tag “First paragraph” after a heading. For the rest of the text use “Normal,text”. When importing figures always set the paragraph tag on “Figures”. Figures cannot be imported on the paragraphs tag. Use only the headings 1, 2, and 3 prepared by the Publisher.

Quick start for MS Word users

1. Copy the correct template file to the template directory. The name of this directory can be found in File Locations of Options (Tools Menu).

2. Start MS Word and select the template file in “New” (File Menu).

3. Rename this new file in “Saving As” (File Menu).

You are now ready to type your paper (see 4-7 below), or/and to insert text from another file (see 8-10 below).

4. Type the correct title, author(s) and affiliation(s), and delete old text without deleting the return at the end of the line.

5. Type your abstract behind “ABSTRACT: “.

6. Type the text of the first heading and delete old text without deleting the return at the end.

7. Now type the text of your paper using tag “First paragraph” for all paragraphs which follow after a heading and tag “Normal,text” for all other normal paragraphs. Figures should be placed in paragraphs with a “Figure” tag and equations with a “Formula” tag.

8. To insert text from another file open, that file as well, select (Mouse) the text to be copied (Edit Menu), and paste (Edit Menu) it into the new file. In the Window Menu you can switch between opened files. The title, author(s), and affiliation(s) should not be copied completely. First type the first word of each line and then copy the rest of each line one by one. Copy only the text of your abstract and place it behind the word “ABSTRACT: “.

9. Check if setting of paper size and margins (Page Set Up in File Menu), and Columns (Format Menu) are still correct (see table 1 in instruction file).

10. Change the old tags for the new Balkema tags (see 7 above). Before doing this apply automatic formatting: From the Format Menu select AutoFormat and click AutoFormat now.